Top Tips - Reducing your Risk from Fraud Using Xero

Reducing your Risk from Fraud Using Xero – Top Tips

Risk of Fraud It is becoming evident that businesses need to secure their data when utilizing online services. This will ensure that your business data will remain secure and account

Top Tips to Finding Great Contracts

Top Tips to Finding Great Contracts

The following tips will help you find contracts in the UK contractor market and will help you secure them to ensure that you always have potential contractor projects in the

How to Deal with Late Payments

How to Deal with Late Payments

Dealing with late payments is time consuming and challenging particularly for a small business owner. Receiving payment late can have a negative impact on your cash flow and chasing late

Quick Guide - Changes to ISA’s for 2017-2018

Quick Guide – Changes to ISA’s for 2017-2018

Allowances on all ISA’s (Individual Savings Account) has increased from £15,2490 to £20,000 from April 2017. This is very good news for savers especially if you decide to invest your

Top Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Top Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Your employees need to be motivated if they are to work efficiently and give their best. Many reasons that a small business can thrive and grow is due to the

Xero Accounting Overview

Overview of Xero Accounting

Xero Accounting Overview Watch the video on how Xero can help your cash flow with realtime financial data, which is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere,

Proposed Changes to Dividend Tax 2017

Proposed Changes to Dividend Tax 2017

Small business owners and the self-employed will be affected by changes to the dividend tax allowance. The tax-free dividend allowance would have been decreased from £5000 to £2000 but has

UK Employment law 2017

Guide to Employment Law

The key points in Employment law will be covered. This will ensure that you are aware of employee rights and employer obligations which need to be complied with to avoid

Guide to Creating Contractor Invoices

Guide to Creating Contractor Invoices

Creating Contractor Invoices that are clear and concise will ensure that you receive payment quickly and without delay from your clients. By providing the right amount of information on Contractor

Investing in an Accountant in 2017

Investing in an Accountant in 2017 – Key Tips

In 2017, many new tax reforms are being applied which have implications for Small Businesses. That is why it is imperative that small business owners invest in the services of

Top 10 Freelance Websites to Find the Best Work

Top 10 Freelance Websites to Find the Best Work

The freedom of working as a freelancer allowing you to choose the line of work that you love the most and simultaneously having a great work-life balance is proving popular

Pension auto-enrolment 2017

Guide to Auto-Enrolment for Small Businesses

Auto-enrolment has been proposed to support employees to ensure that are automatically registered to join a workplace pension scheme. The new framework will also provide an easy solution for small

New Changes of the Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Guide to Changes of the Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Small businesses which fall into the ‘Limited Cost Traders’ category will be primarily affected by the changes to VAT Flat Rate scheme. These significant changes will affect the amount of

Sole Trader vs Limited Company for Freelancers

Sole Trader vs Limited Company for Freelancers

The choice you make as to which business structure would suit you and your business is a difficult one to make. Each have their own legal, tax and liability issues

A Guide to HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’

A Guide to HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’

HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ will be achieved by 2020. These changes reflect the importance of the digital world in our lives and have been incorporated by HMRC. Their aim is

New IR35 Guide 2017

HMRC’s New IR35 Rules

Guidance for Public Sector Workers Contractors working in the public sector are affected by the new set of IR35 rules known as ‘off-payroll’ working. Note that these rules do not

A Guide to Understanding Contractor Rates

A Guide to Understanding Contractor Rates

Contractor Rates are normally market driven which means that if demand for your particular skill set is high then you can charge more and negotiate better rates than when there

Insurance for contractors

Insurance for Contractors

Contractors need to consider taking out an Insurance policy from the outset of their business. It is advised that the extent of the work for each project be considered to

Xero Cloud based accounting for Freelancers

Xero Cloud based accounting for Freelancers

Freelancers often manage many facets of a running a business. One of the most important function involves maintaining ordered accounts. To ensure that your accounts are kept up-to-date, an organized

Registering with hmrc as a freelancers

Registering with HMRC as a Freelancer

Registering as self-employed When you are self-employed you are technically working for yourself and hence are responsible for paying your Income tax and National insurance. This means that you need

Applying for and Opening a Business Bank Account

Applying for and Opening a Business Bank Account

Contractors are required to open a business bank account having setup a limited company. They should leverage the best deal from the bank they have chosen to open a bank

Opening a Bank Account as a Contractor

Choosing a Bank Account as a Contractor

When choosing a bank account as a contractor, there are many factors to consider to ensure that you receive the best services from your bank to suit your individual line

VAT basics for Freelancers

VAT basics for Freelancers

While Freelancers have much simpler filing and tax requirements, it is compulsory for them to register for VAT if their turnover is £83,000 or over each year. Freelancers must submit

Contract basics for freelancers

Contract basics for freelancers

Contracts are a very important part of life for freelancers. They lay out the agreed upon project, how much the client is going to pay you, when they are going

What freelancers should NOT say to clients

What freelancers should NOT say to clients

As a freelancer, you don’t have a whole business full of people standing behind you, so much of your success will come down to what you say to clients. More

How to keep your clients happy as a freelancer

How to keep your clients happy as a freelancer

Be flexible Being able to change how you do things for your clients is a great way to get them to appreciate you. You could, for example, work late every

Opportunities for freelancers

Opportunities for Freelancers

Whatever you specialise in as a freelancer, your job is to provide a service to businesses in exchange for money. There are more people freelancing than ever before, which might

How to make more money as a contractor

How to make more money as a contractor

One of the main reasons people give for moving from full-time employment to contracting – other than having more control over their lives – is that they want to make

Guide for first time contractors

A guide for first-time contractors

Here is Fusion’s guide for first-time contractors. If you want more in-depth advice please get in touch to ask about becoming a client of ours. What are the benefits of

How Brexit will affect IT Contractors

What the EU referendum means for IT contractors

Polls on the EU referendum are showing conflicting reports, but it is obvious that both leave and remain sides are very close. This means there is a lot of uncertainty

Online Accounting Software

Benefits of online accounting software for contractors, freelancers & small businesses

Why you should be using online accounting software if you are a freelancer, contractor, small business, or startup Unless you are a large company, you probably can’t afford to pay

Introductio to FreeAgent Video

Accounting in FreeAgent

Introduction to using FreeAgent Watch the Video

Making a successful entrepreneur – do you have what it takes to be a successful business owner?

Making a successful entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be a successful business owner? If you own a business you are an entrepreneur, and you almost definitely want to be a successful

Remote wrok - Fusion Accountants

How to make remote working work for your business

One of the ways recent developments in technology has benefited businesses is telecommuting, or remote working, where more and more employees are able to work from home through the internet.

Freelancer content marketing

Why your freelance business needs content marketing

As the name implies, content marketing is all about using online content to market your business, making people aware of your business and what it does. It’s about offering content

Reasons to not start a business

Reasons why you shouldn’t start up a business, and why you should ignore them

There are many reasons why starting your own business is a great idea, but there are also many reasons that may be stopping you from making the plunge from being

Startup Business Pitfalls

Startup business pitfalls – five to avoid

Starting your own business can be incredibly exciting – and maybe even daunting. But before you jump in the deep end, read the five pitfalls that all startup businesses risk

Why has your business stopped growing - Business Growth

Five reasons why your small business has stopped growing

Every entrepreneur and business owner works towards business growth – if they weren’t doing that their business would fall behind the competition and they would go broke. But sometimes, even

How to save money as a startup

How to save money as a startup

Competing in a world of huge corporations, startups need to be frugal to survive. There’s no getting away from it: if your startup business spends more money than it makes,

How to find the perfect business mentor - Fusion Accountants London

How to find the perfect business mentor

Most entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because they are independent people who think a little differently from most others. They usually have a need to do things their own way. So it

How do you know if #freelancing from home is right for you?

How do you know if freelancing from home is right for you?

Once you’ve decided to become a freelancer, you’ve then got think about where you’re going to work. Do you hire an office, or do you work from home? This article

Want to pay less tax as a #contractor? A guide to claiming expenses

Want to pay less tax as a contractor? A guide to claiming expenses

So what’s the point of claiming expenses? Well, as a contractor you pay Corporation Tax on your profits each year, so to pay less Corporation Tax, you need to lower

New Limited Company Formation

Why Open a Limited Company?

Starting a business? There are many decisions you will have to face is deciding whether to open a business as a Sole Trader or open a Limited Company. If you

VAT Accountants London

Why use an Accountant to do your VAT Returns?

A LIMITED COMPANY needs to register for VAT with HMRC when they reach £81,000 turnover and submit a VAT return every quarter. To ensure that you get this VAT return

Crowd funding

A few simple tips on crowdfunding a new product

Crowdfunding is now the cool way of generating funds to turn a great idea into an actual product. But it’s not as simple as quickly creating a page on Kickstarter

Contractors London

New to contracting? Avoid these mistakes

Fusion has written a little guide to help you avoid the mistakes made by many new contractors. Don’t forget you’re an expert As a contractor, you’ll have a certain skillset

Freelancing is not Easy

Freelancing ain’t easy – how to prove freelancing is a real job

With the job market becoming more and more competitive, more and more people are turning to freelancing as a way to make a career. Yet, even though it’s becoming such

How to make people love working at your start-up business

One of the best ways to grow your start-up business into something bigger is by getting the most out of your employees, and the easiest way to do that is

How to make your small business look like a big business

More and more people are starting up their own businesses these days. Whether you’re a one-man-band, or you have only a few employees, it doesn’t matter that you’re small. There

Xero – Chart of Accounts

How James Kennedy uses FreeAgent to manage his bike shop

How to handle difficult clients as a Freelancer

Deciding to be a freelancer could be the best decision you make. The independence that freelancing gives you and the variety of work and varied clientele is very rewarding. However,

Nine ways to find work as a contractor

Becoming a contractor can bring many freedoms, including a huge variety of work opportunities. But finding those work opportunities can be a challenge for a new contractor – even an

Accountants for Contractors

The Pros and Cons of Contracting

Contracting can give the opportunity for skilled workers to have a lucrative career, along with a wide range of benefits. However, if you’re thinking of moving from permanent employment to

How to find and secure Contractor Work – top 10 tips

Finding contractor work is a very different process from finding a permanent position as an employee. This guide will teach you how to take a more focussed and targeted approach,

How to manage multiple clients

Working for a few different clients at once can be great – it’s a sign that your small business is successful, or on its way to being successful, is great